The Right People for Our Company

Parnas Hotel is looking forward to meeting new people, who can be a part of our vision, Global Leading Hotel, PARNAS We continue to grow together with our customers.

Customer Focused With customer-oriented, International Understand With global mind-set, Professional Knowledge & Attitude With expertise and manner

Hiring Process & Welfare

Hiring Process

The Right People for Our Company
Hiring Period Parnas Hotel recruiting is initiated when the vacancy occurs.
Selection Process
  1. 01. Job Application
  2. 02. Selection by CVS
  3. 03. Personality and Aptitude Test
  4. 04. 1st Interview with Corres ponding Sector
  5. 05. 2nd Interview with Excutive Members
  6. 06. Mediacal Check-up
  7. 07. Hiring
* We will notify individually those who have passed the CV selection step.
How to Apply - Please check Job Vacancy Notice, fill the application form provided by the Hotel and
  email it to us.
- Please refer to the list of Job Vacancy Notice below to check if there are any current job
- Upon application, please enter the department you apply for and your name in the subject
   line of your email (example: Room Department_Hong Ghil-dong).

Please contact the HR team for other inquiries regarding the job application.
  • Tel82-2-559-7403


  • Medical and Health Support * Supprot for Health
       Improvement Activities
    * Medical Fee Support
    * Regular Health
       Check-up Support
    * Support Group Insurance
  • Work & Life Balance Support * 5 working days per week /
       smart vacation system
    * Summer vacation /
       fitness expense support
    * Support for social clubs
       within the company
    * Flexible working schedule
  • Life Workplace Support * Employee's refectory operated
    * Gifts provided on Labor Day /
       Foundation Day
    * Reward for long,
       continuous service
    * Reward to employees
       with good performance
  • Living Cost Support * 4 major insurance programs
    * Support for school fees of
       employees' children
    * Congratulations and
       condolences leave and
       expense support
    * Offering anniversary gifts

Recruit Announcement

Recruit Announcement

Please contact the HR Team for other inquiries regarding the job application.

  • Tel82-2-559-7421
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